The area is blocks away from the two major throughways that will lead you to all the major sightseeing Portland and NW Oregon has to offer. A quiet neighborhood with two breweries within 5 minutes, a world class grocery store in walking distance and downtown less than 14 minute drive. The location is perfect for business and sightseeing and just relaxing.

The fortunate traveler will arrive in the off season and remark incredulously how it doesn’t rain in Portland.

Most of Portland is accessible by walking or bike.

…some happy guests:

The zoo is only 14 minutes away, no parking issues. This is the perfect home to explore and learn Portland.

Spring 2019

…recent feedback:

I was in town for a job interview. I brought my family and we stayed a few extra days. The job opportunity is wonderful, having my family with me to explore Portland was a perfect opportunity to confirm the great reviews about this great city.


Portland ‘Insider’ bypass route:

Portland is no longer immune from traffic. If you need to be downtown on a weekday morning, use this route to bypass 90% of the traffic. This will deliver you to the last onramp to the freeway before downtown.